Thank you for visiting my website. I am officially announcing that I will be conducting a “write-in” campaign for the position of Supervisor in Upper Macungie Township.

I believe that if you survey my qualifications on this website you will conclude that I don’t simply “talk the talk” but “walk the walk”. I also believe that if you talk to folks who know me personally they will attest to the fact that I have always made decisions which I considered to be in the best interests of the township.

Furthermore, I have never solicited or accepted a penny from anyone to finance an election, including township employees, vendors, firefighters, police officers , developers, member of our boards or commissions, township businesses or even neighbors and friends. I sincerely believe that a candidate should run on their merits…period. Everyone who has volunteered to assist me in the past Primary Election and the upcoming General Election has done so as a volunteer which I deeply appreciate and value.

If you investigate the credentials of the Republican and Democratic candidates you will discover that neither has demonstrated  or evidenced knowledge of township governance, accomplishments aspects in the community, community service or continuing education related to the various of effectively conducting the day-to-day business of Upper Macungie Township.

Although I applaud residents who are willing to step up to the plate in an election, I simply do not believe that the present candidates on the ballot would provide a “change” which would benefit the township. If I did I would certainly not pursue a “write-in” campaign which is an uphill battle which requires more of a voter than just touching a name on the ballot.

This is how to vote for Write-In Candidates.

  1. Touch the check box beside Write-In.
  2. A touch keyboard appears on the screen.
  3. Type in “Ed Earley”
  4. Touch the Record Write-In button to record this candidate.

Finally, whether you vote for me or not please exercise your responsibility as a citizen of our beloved country to make your voice heard in the 2013 General Election which will be held November 5, 2013. Thank you!

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Edward J. Earley, Ed.D.
Chairman, Upper Macungie Board of Supervisors
Chairman, Berks-Lehigh Police Commission